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Case Study

Celebrating the Sheroes of India

On International Women’s Month, an iconic and beloved chocolate brand from a leading 125-year-old snacking powerhouse brought inspiring stories of unsung Indian women to life. 

The campaign celebrated the ‘sheroes’ of our society who displayed excellence by taking the path less traveled or simply creating a positive impact on the people around them. Through this movement, the legacy brand was determined to make the ‘invisible’ visible.

To accentuate the company’s commitment towards gender equality, the brand celebrated women influencers from diverse fields by launching customized product packs, releasing a powerful, celebratory rap song, and creating an online community to showcase inspiring stories of women from far and wide.

The campaign stole hearts as it reached 16.5+ million people. It achieved a whopping 15+ million views on the rap song and 11k entries through the microsite.

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