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Nikhil Punshi Senior Manager

Case Study

Establishing a top footwear brand as young India’s choice of fashion-forward shoes

A leading US-based footwear company wanted to promote itself as a ‘fashion–forward’ brand amongst India's youth, while raising awareness for its sports casual (sneaker) range of footwear.

After gathering insights through extensive brand research, Adfactors PR concentrated efforts on leveraging social media and influencers to spark excitement about the footwear brand amongst young adults, underlining the concept of originality through creative art forms. The team helped the brand onboard a fashion and social media icon as their brand ambassador to strongly augment the campaign.

Relentless efforts resulted in an astonishing reach that spanned tens of millions of impressions, generated high engagement and received attention from media giants like Times of India, News18, The Telegraph, PinkVilla, and many others.

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