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Nikhil Punshi Senior Manager

Case Study

Rebuilding market dominance for a reputed mobile phone brand


In the last decade, the rise of smartphones caused a once-prominent manufacturer to lose its dominant position in the Indian phone market. 

The company joined hands with Adfactors PR and launched a well-thought-out campaign with a 4-pronged approach to rekindle its brand personality. The campaign aspired to position the brand as a global technology leader and invoke its key brand features- trust, affordability, and durability through targeted customer campaigns.

The campaign roped in regional micro-influencers and demonstrated the significance of feature phones in India's digital transformation journey. The movement garnered an organic reach of over 7.2 million. The team also leveraged radio campaigning to expand their reach beyond tech and mainstream media, distributing over 60 phones in contests. Ten million people listened to the radio campaign, and the number of participants rose to over 1 million in just five days.

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