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Hardik Desai Vice President



The success of any technology is linked to the time of its launch and perhaps the need it serves. However, in newer realms, the success of technology also depends on the factor of urbanisation—which makes successful technology more popular. It is a continuum process, as we always find a better version of technology, disrupting new frontiers and finding its true calling that matches the aspirations of society.

And what about reversal – can the trajectory of technology take a U-turn?

Reversing a technology does not sound so difficult when making a source as an origin. However, the factor that makes technology reversal or its return to its original state could be rooted in parameters like—popularity, aspirations, practicality, affordability and global trends.

At Frontier Technology Practice, we observe various cultural shifts and changes as the driving force behind what we term “Technology Reversals”, the reversal or antithesis of mainstream technologies; innovation based on a previous logic or a previous rationale suddenly becomes relevant again.

Technology Reversals are part of Adfactors PR’s Frontier Technology Practice’s ‘ReTrend’ series, where we examine the wider social, economic and cultural context of innovation and spot patterns that help shape the same. ReTrend reflects the reality that no technology exists in isolation; all inventions are a result of and subject to wider forces and influences.

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