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Manibalan Manoharan Senior Group Head

  • January 14, 2021

Adfactors PR constitutes The Millennial Board

Mumbai: Adfactors PR, India's largest public relations consultancy, has constituted a 'Millennial Board,' a 16-member shadow board of directors comprising millennials under 30 years, to support its senior leadership with Gen-Y perspectives in shaping organizational agenda of the new decade.

The Millennial Board of Adfactors PR is a transformational initiative to enrich the organisation's decision-making with the mindset of new age thinking from an empowered group of young leaders. The board will provide perspectives on issues ranging from growth strategies to digital transformation, from learning & development programs to diversity & inclusion, and from organizational culture to fostering an environment for innovation.

Millenial Board

The creation of the board followed a rigorous process. Each business unit nominated three individuals for the selection process, which included presentations and interviews by a panel including the Head of HR, the Chief Operating Officer and the Managing Director of the firm. In addition to the nine selected through the aforesaid process, seven additional members are specially appointed to represent the desired diversity on the board, including representations of different cultures, regions and orientations.

Speaking on the initiative, Madan Bahal, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Adfactors PR, said, The Millennial Board is one more in a series of transformational initiatives to prepare Adfactors PR for the next decade. It will not only enrich us with novel perspectives of the young generation, it will also provide a voice to the largest constituency in the decision and policy making process in the firm. We hope the millennial perspectives will further help our clients achieve a common strategic agenda across businesses - that of empathising and connecting with the new generation of stakeholders.

The Millennial Board will be headed by a Chairperson and have a tenure of eighteen months. It will have five sub-committees focusing on digital transformation, innovation, learning & development, organisational culture and growth.