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Nikhil Punshi Senior Manager

  • June 6, 2022

The CSR Journal, IIT Bombay, Adfactors PR to honour efforts and innovation in the development sector

Aim to raise the bar on rating social interventions at The CSR Journal Excellence Awards 2022

The CSR Journal, a leading voice in corporate social responsibility, has partnered with the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, and the country’s largest PR consultancy, Adfactors PR, for the upcoming ‘The CSR Journal Excellence Awards 2022’.

The CSR Journal Excellence Awards, since its first edition in 2015, has been a benchmark for recognising and honouring corporate, community and individual efforts toward development and innovation in the social sector.

The CSR Journal Editor-in-Chief Amit Upadhyay said, “Today, this partnership with IIT-Bombay and Adfactors PR reflects the importance that CSR has assumed in the broader domains of academia and development. The CSR Journal is aware of the gaps and challenges in this space and is eternally thankful to its new partners for agreeing to address those issues.”

“These partnerships across sectors will go a long way in promoting and achieving sustainable development practices. In addition, the outcome of such efforts will hopefully induce representatives from other sectors to join in, and improve the availability and access to information and knowledge around various models of social welfare,” he added.

This partnership represents the first industry-wide step in bringing together and bridging the gaps between academia, media, policy, and practice. The support, to be provided by IIT-Bombay and Adfactors PR in the process and preparation of The CSR Journal Excellence Awards 2022, will transform how assessment and recognition of social interventions are undertaken.

In the fifth edition of the Awards, The CSR Journal will invite leaders such as Union Minister of Finance Nirmala Sitharaman, and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, to set important agendas, voice the value of ‘India First’, and invite commitments from various stakeholders towards achieving sustainable development goals.

‘Sustainable Social Systems’ is the theme of this year’s awards. Through the platform of Excellence Awards, The CSR Journal is committed to creating a repository of best practices and knowledge integral to framing the right questions and bringing informed solutions inclusively and sustainably, promoting social justice.

While IIT-Bombay will provide its expertise in the shortlisting and evaluation process, Adfactors PR will be presenting the Awards.

Adfactors PR Co-Founder and Managing Director Madan Bahal said, “This partnership is our humble way to empower the vast Indian development sector. In a post-pandemic world, there is a renewed commitment among stakeholders to drive purpose-led work. We aim to bridge the ‘say-do’ gap on key SDG issues and contribute to long-lasting measurable impact.”

Adfactors PR, through its Social Impact consulting practice, brings expertise and counsel to strengthen corporate actions, behaviour, and narratives and align these to societal expectations in a post-pandemic world. By providing market-leading competence in this critical area of work, Adfactors PR serves the entire ecosystem comprising businesses, non-governmental bodies and governmental institutions.

The three-way partnership extends The CSR Journal’s commitment to creating the most credible and sustainable system for documenting and evaluating programmes and projects. Building on the success of the past four editions, The CSR Journal Excellence Awards 2022 will showcase the latest in development and innovative planning and practices as well as highlight the experiences of various stakeholders in guiding and promoting social welfare and justice.