Adfactors has given me the freedom to think, be creative, and opportunities to learn.

Nikhil Mansukhani Senior Account Director

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Nijay N Nair

Nijay N Nair Chief Executive Officer

Nijay N Nair is part of the senior management team at Adfactors PR, working in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer. He has two decades of experience in diverse general management functions spanning strategy, business development, project management and planning, international relations, marketing and corporate communication, infrastructure development, procurement and commercial management.

Before joining the Adfactors Group in 2013, Nijay's general management expertise was leveraged across diverse high-growth sectors, including auto, information technology, and logistics and infrastructure. In his illustrious career, he has had the global experience of initiating and managing operations in seven countries (the US, Mexico, Bulgaria, Canada, Singapore, Philippines and Sri Lanka) other than India.

Nijay takes pride in being a specialist at being a generalist. His eclectic experience is supported by keen general management skills that make him pivotal in driving Adfactors PR’s success and evolution. Along with management responsibilities for the company's margin management and other strategic Initiatives, Nijay is responsible for the seeding and stabilising of the Adfactors Group's geographic and M&A initiatives.

Nijay Nair graduated in Physics from Mumbai University. Post graduation, he acquired an MBA in International Trade and Finance from the US. Hailing from the southern Indian state of Kerala, Nijay lives in Mumbai with his mother, wife and two children.

He is a motorcycle, music and movie enthusiast.