"Read over a 1,000 case studies, helped integrate one of the fastest monitoring tools, got to lead my own division… all inside a year!"

Pallavi Malhotra
Account Director

Transport and Logistics

As the Indian economy surges ahead with a sustained GDP growth in excess of 7%, a revolution is taking place to drive efficiencies in transport and logistics.

Many factors are contributing to a new order, including massive investments in transport infrastructure, the passage of GST Bill, rapid growth in e-commerce, competitive pressures to manage costs, a social need to check wastage of agro produce, and a host of new players disrupting business using technology.

We have a market-leading practice that serves over 20 retained clients including ports and shipping companies, airports and airlines, private rail operators, integrated solution providers, container freight stations, warehouses, new-age technology-driven unicorns and start-ups. Over the last decade, we have managed most of the capital market transactions in this space.

Our differentiators are domain expertise, large body of experience, and a full-service capability to deliver the needs of this sector that include managing reputation, issues and crisis, financial communication, community engagement, media relations and influencer engagement.

Jyothsna Pannala
Jyothsna Pannala
Practice Lead

B.Tech (IIT Bombay), M.S. - Transport & Logistics (UC Berkeley), former consultant with PwC Logistics practice. Has over 8 years of professional experience.