Adfactors for me is my second family, where I feel valued and get freedom to explore new possibilities without any fear.

Hardik Desai Vice President


Environmental, Social and Governance

Adfactors PR extends its legacy of excellence into the realm of Environmental, Social and Governance services, offering a fusion of strategic advisory and communications expertise. At the heart of our approach lies a unique blend of services, ranging from ESG Peer Benchmarking and Readiness Audits to Dynamic Engagement Solutions and Investor Targeting Strategies.

Our goal is to empower organizations not only to embrace and embed ESG principles, but also to authentically communicate, engage, and excel in this rapidly evolving space.

Our USP lies in our ability to craft compelling data-backed narratives around diverse ESG initiatives, ensuring your efforts resonate beyond the boardroom. With our expertise, clients gain intelligent strategies to engage diverse stakeholders and embed ESG principles into their business model, fostering a culture of sustainability that transcends mere compliance.

Key Services

We help navigate the complex landscape of ESG networks, providing assistance with benchmarking, audits, materiality assessment, framework guidance, data analysis, net-zero strategies, and ESG rating facilitation, all aimed at enhancing transparency and sustainability performance.

From devising employee engagement strategies to curating ESG microsites, performance reports and videos, we empower companies to craft compelling ESG narratives. We also provide a diverse array of avenues to engage every member of the company in effectively conveying the ESG story.

With a range of services including, Investor Targeting & Perception Studies, ESG Positioning through Media Engagement, and a dedicated ESG Champion Accelerator Program, we effectively enhance investor confidence, visibility, and employee empowerment towards ESG goals.

Nikhil Dey Executive Director

With 25+ years of experience in multiple agencies and corporates, Nikhil remains exceptional in adding value to client campaigns, driving creativity and building a culture of continuous learning in the industry. He also conducts a multitude of communication courses and lectures at various esteemed institutions. Nikhil has been named among the most influential PR professionals in 2016 by PRWeek and more recently was included in the Reputation Today #Power50 and 100 most important professionals list 2019 and 2020.


Naman Khanijou Group Head

With over 13 years of expertise spanning ESG ratings, fossil fuel research, climate change, and product development, Naman brings invaluable insight to the department. His focus on embracing artificial intelligence and data analytics enhances our capabilities in ESG reporting, impact measurement, and stakeholder engagement. Leveraging technology, Naman ensures more precise insights and pre-emptively addresses potential ESG reputation risks for our clients.


How we can help

We offer comprehensive ESG solutions tailored to meet diverse needs. For experienced ESG players and listed firms, our strategic communications and reputation counsel are second to none. We craft comprehensive ESG performance reports and deliver in-depth research solutions on emerging trends, policies, and challenges. Through dynamic engagement and visibility solutions, we showcase your ESG initiatives, bolstering your reputation and stakeholder trust.

For unlisted firms venturing into the ESG realm, we provide foundational strategies and counsel, including ESG peer benchmarking, readiness audits, materiality assessments, stakeholder mapping, and guidance on navigating ESG frameworks and standards. Our team ensures transparent and effective ESG data analysis and visualization, empowering you to develop tailored net-zero strategies and enhance your ESG ratings through custom facilitation.