We decode Digital Bharat for our clients and provide bespoke solutions that translate opportunities to market share.

Manibalan Manoharan Senior Group Head


Experiential PR & Events

An agency-wide service designed to deliver in–person, virtual, or hybrid experiences either as stand-alone events or to complement existing influencer campaigns.

Thanks to the rapid global digitisation and connectivity revolution, the competition for people's attention and interest has never been fiercer. As a result, more and more clients aim to integrate the resounding power of storytelling, influencer engagement, positioning, and unsurprisingly, the idea of provocation to drive home their message and connect with their audiences.

With the advent of the COVID - 19 pandemic, this shift has become even more critical, seeing a steep rise in the demand for continuous engagement with consumers, partners, employees, investors, and other stakeholders through experiential PR.

The idea of impactful engagement through events or as part of an ongoing communications programme is thriving, and experiential PR will be a determining factor for the success of public relations.

Zarif Tapia Vice President

Zarif Tapia is a 20-year veteran of events and experiential marketing in India. Zarif has previously worked with leading experiential divisions, events marketing firms, and event agencies. A Science graduate from Mumbai University and M.B.A. in Marketing; Zarif is passionate about fitness, coaching and transformational learning.


How we can help

At Adfactors PR, we believe in constant evolution and innovation in our communication strategies. Our Experiential Marketing team organises conferences and town halls, product launches, international events and other hybrid experiences for employees, partners, customers and other stakeholders.

The team is equipped to deliver interactive studio-style broadcasts, digital avatars, interactive content, gamification apps, all creatively conceived and implemented to meet your brand's business and communications objectives.

New technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence are the backbone for our experiential PR initiatives, enabling creative communications and storytelling for our clients.

Our success is driven by our ability to deliver innovative experiential PR campaigns that are tailored to our client's strategic organisational objectives. We enable interactive storytelling to build a stronger bond between consumers and brands.

We understand the power of social and digital media, and with emerging technologies as our backbone, we deliver unforgettable experiences to your audiences customised to your brand's promise.

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