This is not my workplace, this is my own company

Arwa Husain Director


Government & Public Sector

The 2014 general elections saw one of the most successful PR campaigns at work - Prime Minister Narendra Modi's election campaign. Wide scale engagement, segmented messaging, analytics, intelligent use of technology and digital platforms resulted in a landslide victory – ending an era of coalition governments.

Today, the governments and politicians in India are keen on adopting development communications strategies to fasten the socio-economic growth of the country. Creative communication is driving social change at scale, right from financial inclusion to health, and from education to women empowerment and skill development.

Adfactors PR deeply values innovation and technology, and in light of this dynamic shift, we launched a dedicated Services-to-Government practice in 2014. Over the last two years, we have partnered with multiple departments and state governments to develop and implement programmes for promoting investments, furthering social change, and marketing the Indian states as attractive tourist destinations.

Amit Kumar Pandey Vice President

With a proven career in conceiving & implementing strategies in the Government & private sector, Amit brings a blend of broader objectives such as socio-economic development, performance improvement, strategic communications & policy advocacy. He has a strong knowledge of the political, geopolitical, socio-economic & business landscape. Amit also has a track record in leading & working with diverse teams across India & other countries.

How we can help

We serve our clients with an integrated suite of services, including reputation management, leadership profiling, media relations, digital communications, grassroots outreach programmes as well as creative and large scale experiential events.